I'm T. Julian Bell
I'm a writer, storyteller, and game designer. I am the writer of the upcoming novel series The Avery Bishop Chronicles, and the writer/creator of the RPG tabletop series Kromore.


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Seeking Representation

I'm currently querying the Avery Bishop Chronicles. 

Avery, a young man, wakes after thousands of years to find his memories fractured and Earth abandoned. When he meets a mysterious girl from his past named E, the two escape to a refugee planet across the universe in search for answers. There, Avery discovers that a first-generation Human is a rare trait, especially one with the ability to manipulate matter—powers that land Avery in the middle of a civil war and draw the interest of an alien from Avery’s past.


On the run, Avery and E must stop the alien before it destroys any chance of Avery learning who he truly is. But discovering the truth about his past, powers, and new friend E, will come at a heavy cost—his life.





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I'll ocassionally find a few gems out there in the wild. If i do i'll share them with you and give the reason why I think they aren't a waste of time. Our time is precious...spend it wisely. When you don't care about time check out my recommendations


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