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I'm T. Julian Bell

I'm a writer, storyteller, and game designer.


I am the writer of the upcoming novel series the Avery Bishop Chronicles and creator of Dark Veil and Kromore.


I've done the bulk of my work in the motion picture industry and non-literary publishing industries for the last 20 years. Currently I work as the Creative Director at Dark Veil Studios LLC and as the Director of Project Management at N2 Publishing.

I published the internationally distributed Kromore RPG game and supplemental works in 2014. Our team is currently working on the Dark Veil TTRPG and Board game.  

I'm available for podcasts, game previews, interviews, trade conventions, guest speaking, game writing and design consulting, for review interviews on my published works, and for educational lectures relating to culture, world building, character writing, project management, design, and storytelling. Please use the form below to contact me.


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